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Life Doesn't End At 60!


Chocolate Smiles tells the story of Patricia Lowe AKA "Chocolate Platinum,"

a 63-year-old line dancer, instructor and award-winning choreographer who reinvented her life after retirement from the probation department where she worked for over 30 plus years.


Told in documentary format, Mz. Patricia shares how line dancing has allowed her to explore different values, opened herself up to new experiences and meeting new people, and has changed the lives of many of her students who share what dancing with Mz. Patricia has meant to them. You hear about the challenges, the joys, the health benefits, her travels across country dancing and performing, and the rewards shared by several of her students.  But more importantly, you’ll rock to the music, learn a few dance moves, and just have fun watching a woman who is living her life with a rejuvenated sense of purpose.


Jacalyn Evone, Director, Producer

Past Director/Juror North Bay Art & Film Festival; Ursula Awards Film Festival.

Juror Hometown Awards and Ohlone College High School Theater Film Festival.

Worked with the Motion Picture Association of America, MPAA Film Rating

Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Cinematographer & Editor.

Completed over 300 projects for local cable access, two festival award-winning feature-length documentaries, one feature narrative, and a host of short film projects.

A graduate of The Academy of Art University San Francisco Motion Picture and Television

Past Chairman of the Board, Vallejo Community Access Television.

A Film By Jacalyn Evone


Featuring Patricia Lowe AKA Chocolate Platinum


Interview Participants:

Donna Walters
Kelly Bennett
Millicent Jackson
Kim Pearson
Nicole Douglas
Nicole Scott


Assistant Editor
Neuman Robinson


A Collection of Photos/Video Clips 
Provided Courtesy Patricia Lowe

With Appearances By:

Jewel Lucas
Glenda Bradley
Jackie Brown
Teresa Tatom
Denise Hom
Anisha Desai
Alva "Cookie" Wright
Marilyn Hudnals

Ray "Too Kool" Johnson


Step It Out Video Clip
Defremery Recreation Center, Oakland, CA
Courtesy Prince Damons


Music Courtesy of the Following:


"When The Beat Drops"
"Mississippi Bounce"
Dedric Booth AKA DJ Biggs
Artist, Composer


"Be Careful (Wat U Ask 4)"

Mr. Sam Fallie, Writer, Composer

Ms. Genii, Artist

"All That"
Sam Anderson AKA DJ Maestro
Artist, Composer


"Go To Work"
"Zydeco Sum More"
Sam Fallie
Artist, Writer, Producer, Composer


"Like A Cowboy"
Ms. Genii
Sam Fallie,
Writer, Composer


"Step It Out"
Written and produced by Prince Damons
Performed by: Sir Charles Jones
Featuring Prince Damons
Record Label: RT Music Group


"Cowboy Up" 
Gary Charles Jones AKA Jeter Jones
Artist, Composer 
Eric "Smidi" Smith


"Slow Wind"
Shone Richard AKA S. Dott
Artist, Composer


Filming Locations:

Vallejo, CA


The Beat 
2560 9th St.
Berkeley, CA

Defremery Recreation Center
1651 Adeline St.
Oakland, CA


24 Hour Fitness

Richmond, CA


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Jacalyn Evone at:



Patricia Lowe at:

Chocolate Platinum


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