Leaping Water ... Abuse Is Not Always Physical



A new film by Producer/Director Jacalyn Evone, featuring heart stealer, 10 year old Natalia Metts and starring Vermyttya Brown.  This story is the compassionate and cleverly told tale of a young girl caught in the mist of parental strife and unhappiness.  


Tim Palmer Director of Film and Photography, in a written comment after his review of this new short film indicated: 


"Really impressive Jacalyn. First let me say what a powerful and emotionally charged film this is. The candid performances are very believable. The girl who plays Tallulah is a natural. Nothing she did ever felt acted and the actress who played her mother delivered a superbly downbeat performance. She effortlessly played the role of a woman embattled with a struggle between addiction and family responsibility in a way that never felt melodramatic or that tried to force feed pathos down the viewer's throat. Ultimately the success of this project hinges on the performances. You have directed your actors in the best way possible - allowing them the emotional and physical space to convey the resonance of your script. Everything described above is most ably supported by the cinematography. 


What works best is that I'm never aware of the cinematography. The lighting and camerawork always feels like a part of the characters' emotional journey and this is a sign of true talent and understanding of the craft. When you do push the boat out and heighten the visual impact of a scene for example with the opening shot and then the green screen material, it all just feels so 'right' that it does not draw attention to itself. These moments serve to elevate the viewer's experience and connection with Tallulah. There are so many interesting things going on visually.

I think my favourite lighting was on Tallulah when she comes downstairs to confront her mother at the end. The single soft key light from the side, no fill light and just the faintest hint of soft back light demonstrate such a gifted eye for what works."   -Tim Palmer, BSC, Director of Photography. 


"Leaping Waters begins its film festival tour this June 2014.  Continue to visit us for updates and more information  here.


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